A little #mural action going on inside #Loft55gallery to prepare for our next #artist #solo #show tonight (12/19/13). Our featured #artist is #AdrienneHLee as we present her #CosmicFish #exhibit!! Show starts at 7p-10p, don’t forget to bring an #unwrapped #toy for #XL106.7 #BabyDj!

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Live painting Wednesdays at Loft 55 Gallery and Boutique in beautiful downtown Orlando! Every Wednesday you’ll get the chance to watch resident and local artists paint live and in your face.. While you’re checking out the live painting you should also swing by Urban Flats for WineDown Wednesdays, nothing like a cocktail and paint.. 🎨🍷

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To the staff of The Academy for Autism, resident artists of Loft 55 Gallery and Boutique and local artist who took part in the ‘Artist for Autism’ challenge we want to thank you for attending the ceremony and showing your support for a beautiful cause.

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This Thursday 8/29/13 at Loft 55 Gallery an Boutique in downtown. This is the ‘Artist for Autism’ ceremony to show thanks to those artist who took part in the challenge we held earlier this year..

The following artists took on the challenge:

Travis Smith
Camila Inostroza
Peter Van Flores
Bob Grover
Luisa Pedro
Darrell Johnson
Ralph Verano
Ashlie Lawson

100% of proceeds will be donated to The Academy for Autism in Orlando, FL.

Snuffy The Seal - Funniest commercial of 2013 - YouTube

Here is a hilariously creative yet disturbing approach to this years Discovery Channel, Shark Week..


For just a $12 purchase this 20 FL oz water bottle, will help provide 10 meals for children & families within the USA.

This project was founded by Lauren Bush Lauren in 2007, FEED’s mission is to create good products that help FEED the world. For more details go to

By purchasing a FEED USA + Target product will help provide meals to hungry Americans.

FEED will donate 10% of the original retail price between the dates 6/30/2013 - 10/12/2013 to Feeding America. $1 = 8 meals secured by feeding America on behalf of local food banks.

For more details, check out their website


Look who else is in the re-branding process, Frito Lay! Looks as if they have redesigned their packing.. #Marketing #UrbanCityMarketing #PackageRedesign #Graphics #Branding


Nature Valley found a new target audience… One we can relate to, “Gluten Free”.. #marketing #UrbanCityMarketing #NatureValley #TargetMarket #ProductSegmentation



Great line up of amazing artist showing in #AnalogArt presented by #yospace and #sweatrecords and curated by @whut213 This Friday at Sweat Records in Miami

Creative collaboration at its best… Wish we could make this extravaganza!!

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We decided to write a list of just a few helpful Green Marketing tips to consider in 2013. If you would like to add a few of your own, feel free to leave a comment or email us your most successful tips at

  1. Print all marketing materials on recycled paper.
  2. Hold your meetings remotely. Try to coordinate meetings with colleagues and external vendors, over the Internet. Try utilizing tools such as Skype, TokBox, Google + and other free videoconferencing technologies.
  3. Send email instead of paper newsletters. Email marketing (EMS) has a huge way of providing insights on how your marketing efforts are being received. For example, EMS can generally tell you what percentage of your emails were opened, how long they were opened, and which links were clicked.
  4. If you’re going to use paper flyers, make sure you clearly indicate that they are recyclable. MAKE SURE to clearly print the phrase “THIS FLYER IS RECYCLABLE” on the backside. Though it may be obvious to some, many people need that instantaneous reminder.
  5. Buy marketing materials locally. This will minimize the shipping costs both to your business and to the environment.
  6. Use products in your marketing efforts. According to Green Seal they use a life cycle-based sustainability standard for their products, services, and companies. They also offer third-party certification for those that meet the criteria. They’ve done the sourcing. All you have to do is choose from the products they’ve already certified.
  7. Sell online. This instantly expands your customer base from local to the world. This is great for the environment too, means you can sell more products with fewer people driving to your store, which reduces the amount of emissions polluting the atmosphere.
  8. Buy promotional products that directly encourage green behavior. For example, instead of buying disposable bottles - order reusable mugs or water bottles. By using this promotional product you’re putting the idea in front of people’s eyes for far longer, as the coffee mugs and/or water bottles are reusable.
  9. Visit is an ecommerce website that allows you to purchase all types of green-certified office products, many of which you’ll need for nearly any form of offline marketing.
  10. Explore using reusable envelopes and/or recycled post-consumer content envelopes in your next direct mail campaign. Check out thisleading reusable envelope brand:
  11. List your products on and and are great ways to get your eco-friendly products in front of people who are buying with green wallets.
  12. Provide your customers with incentives to participate in green behavior. For example, offer coupons if customers provide evidence of green actions, such as 20% off coupons to customers who participate in your community’s park clean up event.
  13. Think about how you can encourage green behavior within your own business. Reusable coffee mugs?
  14. Use shredded scrap paper to ship promotional products. For even more sustainable packaging ideas, visit
  15. Environmentally friendly printing. Make sure you’re printing in a way that minimizes its effects on the environment, check out this website - it is a good place to start.
  16. List your website in a variety of green directories. This alone isn’t a green activity, but it does do two things: 1. Helps you attract green-conscious customers. 2. being listed is legitimate, a useful directory helps advance your search engine optimization efforts, which is one of the greenest marketing methods available.
  17. Encourage satisfied customers to review your business on Yelp is increasingly becoming an integral part of any local marketing plan.
  18. Balance the negative effects of travel with innovative carbon offsets from organizations like